Award winning wedding photographers and college sweethearts based in Cincinnati. On a mission to capture authentic, timeless, joyful images as beautiful as your love story.

We're Kortni and Chris

Hey Guys!

Kortni is the baker. Chris is the cook. Kortni is the planner. Chris is the spontaneous one. Kortni is a morning person. Chris is a night owl. Kortni loves sweets. Chris loves sour.

We are opposite in so many ways, but in the big important ways we are exactly the same. We love Jesus, love our family, and love people... especially our clients. We get this incredible opportunity to capture moments in time that you can never get back and preserve them forever - so when your grandkids look at your pictures, they will be able to SEE your love for each other.

We believe a legacy of love is POWERFUL and one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. As a #kortniandchriscouple, we can help you start that legacy right NOW.

Dad joke KING.
Mountain Dew Addict.
History Buff.
Louisville Cardinal Fan(atic).
Handyman Extraordinaire.
Hates Decorative Pillows.



Nutella Enthusiast.
Baker of All. The. Things.
Christmas Obsessed.
Organizer Extraordinaire.
Happy Crier.
Keeping Target in Business.



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