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Wedding Tip Wednesday | Who Should Help You Get Into Your Wedding Dress?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Wedding planning requires you to consider a million tiny details. The months leading up to your wedding should be spent making memories with your best friend and enjoying the process, not Googling for hours on end. And so, *drum roll please*, Wedding Tip Wednesday was born! Throughout this series, we will be sharing our best tips to make your wedding day everything you’ve dreamed of and keep it as STRESS FREE as possible. If you’re late to the party, you can catch up on the whole series below!

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You’ll have to make a million little decisions when planning your wedding. The more you can think of in advance, the less stressed you’ll be on your wedding day and the more your day will go exactly as you’d dreamed. I remember not thinking much at all about who would help me get into my wedding dress on our big day, and then when it came time to get ready EVERYONE wanted to help. So I had my mom, sisters, and ALL MY BRIDESMAIDS helping put on my dress. In the end, since we were getting ready in a large two story living room and the photographers were able to shoot from above us to get all the action, they ended up being fun shots of everyone laughing about the hilarity of six people trying to button up one dress at the same time. But I miiiiight do it differently now that we’ve been photographing weddings for years. Here’s some advice on how to decide who should be helping you get ready on your wedding day:


1. Would you value a quiet moment with you mom?

Many of our brides are very close to their moms – I know I am! There are so many special moments with your dad on your big day from the walk down the aisle to your father daughter dance, but often moms don’t have any traditional moments with their daughters built into the day. We LOVE letting the final quiet moments of primping be with your mom if that is true to your relationship with her. It allows you to get some sweet pictures of your mom taking care of you and making you look beautiful one last time before you walk down the aisle, and it makes her feel extra loved and included on your special day.


2. Do you want your Maid of Honor or sisters to be a part of the fun?

If you can’t imagine getting into your dress without one or several of your bridesmaids included, then plan to include them! Even if you have your mom help you get into your dress, you can have your MOH or sister help with your necklace, shoes, bracelet, veil… there are tons of options! You can have as many people help you get primped as you’d like – it’s your day! We typically recommend no more than 2 people help you at any one time so you’re not overwhelmed and we can capture the memories and laughs without you being completed blocked and crowded by a ton of people.


This seems like such a small thing, but it affects a LOT like who needs to be dressed and ready, when and where they need to be, and how large a space you’ll need to accommodate the amount of people you’ll want in the room with you. We include this as one of MANY questions we like to ask on the pre-wedding questionnaire for our brides so we can iron out these types of details in the wedding day timeline and help you avoid any uncomfortable interactions by having answers to questions like this thought out in advance. Even if you decide you’d like your mom to be the one helping you get into your dress, there are lots of fun ways to include your bridesmaids in the getting ready fun, like matching robes, a dress reveal just for them, or giving them special gifts or letters spelling out just how much they mean to you.


That’s a wrap for this week’s Wedding Tip Wednesday. See you next week!



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