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Wedding Tip Wednesday | Do You REALLY Need a Second Shooter on Your Wedding Day?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Wedding planning requires you to consider a million tiny details. The months leading up to your wedding should be spent making memories with your best friend and enjoying the process, not Googling for hours on end. And so, *drum roll please*, Wedding Tip Wednesday was born! Throughout this series, we will be sharing our best tips to make your wedding day everything you’ve dreamed of and keep it as STRESS FREE as possible. If you’re late to the party, you can catch up on the whole series below!

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Weddings are expensive. And when you’re looking for any place to cut those costs down, “Do I really need two photographers taking pictures all day?” is a totally valid question! We may be biased (OK, we definitely are as wedding photographers!), but even for our own wedding, photography was one area we weren’t willing to cut corners on. In fact, one of the top three regrets brides have is not spending a little more to get the wedding pictures of their dreams. So to help you make the most informed decision possible, we are taking some time today to break down just WHY exactly two photographers are truly better than one.

^Looks like a pretty good two photographer team right there, wouldn’t ya say? 😉

1. More Candid Coverage
When you have one photographer focused on getting the posed, traditional shots all day, it’s very hard for them to also capture the candid moments that make up the most authentic memories of your wedding. When you have a second shooter, they are able to get the genuine laughs as you’re talking to your new spouse in between shots, the quiet moments with your dad before you walk down the aisle, and the joy on your bridal party’s faces as they celebrate with you on the dance floor. These fleeting moments will be some of your most treasured to look back on, and they will likely be missed if you have one photographer who simply can’t be everywhere at once.

2. Multiple Perspectives
Want a picture of you walking down the aisle AND your fiance’s reaction to seeing you for the first time? Your maid of honor giving her toast and your tearful reaction? The bride tossing the garter and “all the single ladies” fighting to be the one to grab it? Want the best odds of capturing the exact moment your dad wiped away that tear? You NEED a second shooter!


3. Less Stress
The reality of it is, wedding days are unpredictable. Cameras use technology, and technology isn’t always perfect. Photographers are people, and people can get sick or hurt. In the event anything unexpected happens, you want a second shooter there to make sure nothing gets missed. (You also want a photographer who has safeguards in place to make things like camera or card failure extremely unlikely, so make sure you ask your photographer how they plan for that! They should be writing images to multiple cards and bringing an extra camera body along on your big day to make sure you won’t even notice if something goes wrong.)

4. Double the Return on Your Investment
Two photographers means you’ll get a LOT more pictures. And not just more pictures, but BETTER pictures. Multidimensional views at each special moment of your day – close up and pulled back shots, people focused images and pictures of the venue and details you handpicked with such care, traditional posed images and candids that tell the story of your wedding day. If you plan to create a wedding album, you’ll want to be able to tell the whole story of your day, and multiple perspectives will make a big impact.


We could go on and ON, but suffice it to say that having two photographers on your wedding day is a HUGE benefit to you. A great photography team will make each other better, keep the day running smoothly and efficiently, and put you totally at ease. And best of all, you’ll get the greatest possible pictures back to make sure you (and your kids and their kids and their kids…) can relive the most special moments of your wedding day forever. And when your grandkids can look at your wedding pictures and FEEL how much you two love each other… that legacy of love is a powerful thing.



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